Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Fire Turned into a Blessing.

In August the mini bus arrived safely in Stockton California all the way from Pennsylvania. Since then we have been approaching every grocery store in a 30 mile radius. One grocery store said they would give their non-sellable products to us but when we called each week or went in to see them they said they did not have anything and that instead they would call us. They kept telling us that if they had anything they would contact us not the other way around.

That was months ago. But in mid January we got a call from the same grocery store saying there was a fire and for us to come down and recieve the food. When our crew got to the store the owner showed us around by flash light because they no longer had electricity. He then proceeded to tell us that all the food was ours and we needed to get the food out as soon as possible.

We worked 6 hours that day filling our refrigerated box truck from top to bottom with food. The food wasn't damaged but they could no longer sell it. So we filled up grocery carts row by row and then dumped it in the truck. Clearing each aisle as fast as possible. The next day we unloaded the truck and then went back again to start the whole process over again. It took us 3 days to unload the whole store.

During the 6 days loading and unloading we filled a 10x20 storage unit full of food and an owner of a strip mall of offices gave us office space one month FOR FREE. Now both the storeage unit and office is full of food.

As of now we have one month to empty the office. Churches are coming and loading up their vehicles with food for thier outreaches. One church we are giving to gives to 70 families and another church gives to approaximately 350 people.

God has blessed us in abundance and we are so grateful He chose us for a time such as things.

To God be the Gorly,
Supplying Needs

One out of the two of our Storage Units

Card board bins full

Our Truck full from top to bottom

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