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Supplying Needs 2009 - A Year in Review

"And the same God that takes care of me will supply all your needs from His glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus."
-Philippians 4:19

It is with much joy that we are able to write this report on Supplying Needs. The vision of Supplying Needs began approximately 5 years ago, in the winter of 2004. At that time we (Joel and Dess Butler) were living in Stockton, CA while volunteering with the relief organization Friend Ships ( Through a series of God given dreams and visions, the directive was given to start an international outreach ministry, the only question was WHEN?? We were fully involved with Friend Ships and knew we had years of service left with that ministry. So we wondered when, where and how God was going to start this ministry.

As the years went by, the vision and desire for this new ministry grew stronger. In the summer of 2008, we left Friend Ships without any clear direction of what God was going to do through us. We still hadn't been given the go ahead to start our own organization yet. We took a few months off to visit our families and to try to gain insight into what God wanted us to do next. After pastoring for 3 months at Dess' father's churches we felt that God had given us the OK to start Supplying Needs and to move back to Stockton, CA.

It was March of 2009 that the ground work and paperwork began for Supplying Needs. Who knew that there was so much involved in starting up a non-profit organization? But with the help of the Bishop at our local church and a website designed for helping start-up non-profit organizations, Supplying Needs was incorporated in the State of California by May 28th, 2009. The next series of paperwor was the most involved and that was for obtaining federal tax-exempt status. Once this paperwork was submitted, we were off to Pennsylvania!

Christian Missionary Technical Services (CMTS) out of Bernville, PA had offered to donate a mini-bus to Supplying Needs. We traveled to Pennsylvania and received one of our first major donations. Over the course of about 4 weeks, much work was put into the mini-bus. We had tons of help from our firends Josh and Rebekah Larson (ex-Friend Ships crew), as well as support from the CMTS workers. The mini-bus was a thing of beauty when it was driven away from CMTS with special thanks to Bryan Myers who put a frest coat of white paint with black trim on it.

By the time the mini-bus was driven back to California, the paperwork for Federal Tax-Exemption had been approved. It was on July 2nd, 2009 that Supplying Needs became a Federal Tax Exempt Corporation (aka 501 (c) 3). We had heard and read that this paperwork could take from months to over a year to be completely processed and compliant. So there was much rejoicing when we found out that we had been approved in less than 2 months. The final piece of paperwork was the California State exempt status and we received that on September 30th, 2009.

Immediately after we received our 501 (c) 3 we started approaching local grocery stores and markets in regards to donating their non-sellable produce to our organization for use in local outreaches. Time and time again we received the answer "NO". It was tough knowing that so many stores have food going to waste but that they were unwilling to donate the product. In the course of 6 months, we have approached 68 stores with only a handful who have agreed to donate and only one market which has donated faithfully. We have received approximately 190 pounds of assorted produce in donations.

Another donation we have been receiving is used clothing. Not long after our return to Stockton, we were using a laundromat and met a friendly worker, John. When John heard about our upcoming ministry and all that we were preparing to do, he got very excited and offered to request donations of clothing from the patrons of the Laundromat. Since then we have received over 19 large bags of clothes from John. These clothes are going to local churches for use in outreaches to the community.

Our final and biggest blessing to our ministry came just in time for Christmas. Joel was able to go to Louisiana and return with a donated 26 foot long refrigerated box truck. This is such a huge blessing because it opens up the doors for us to make donation requests from wholesalers, farmers, distribution centers and packing houses. We are praying that 2010 will open up some new and wonderful avenues of ministry.

We are very thankful to everyone who has been supporting us in 2009 through prayers, love and donations.

Our hope and prayer for 2010 is:
1) A warehouse for our ministry.
2) Volunteers who would catch the vision and work alongside of us.
3) Many, many company donors of food, clothing, toy, furniture, etc.
4) Many, many, many more churches who would step out in faith and reach out to their community with what God provides for Supplying Needs.

Please keep these 4 things in you prayers as well.

In Christ's Love,

Joel and Dess Butler
Directors of Supplying Needs

Our Truck

Our Bus

2009 Quick Review:

May 28, 2009 Supplying Needs became an official Non-Profit Corporation

July 2, 2009 Supplying Needs became a Federal 501 (c) 3 Tax Exempt Organization

September 30, 2009 Supplying Needs became Tax Exempt in the State of California

This year Supplying Needs has received the following donations:
Mini School Bus
2 Printer/Copiers/Fax machines
13 Cases of Bread
19 Large bags of Clothes
190 pounds of produce
3 - 20 pound Turkeys with the total of 60 pounds
26' Refrigerated box truck
Love seat and Sofa

We have approached over 68 grocery stores and 34 warehouses.

Supplying Needs has given out:
13 Cases of Bread
148 pounds of food
10 bags of clothes

The recipients have been:
Victory in Praise Church
Calvary First Assembly of God
People from UCP (United Cerebral Palsy)
People in the community in need

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rab said...

Wow. Great post. Lots of solid, helpful information. Gives us a great sense of what has happened in the last year and your goals for the future. Gives us a good idea of what we should be praying for. Thanks! Looking forward to more of these informative updates! God bless you in your efforts. :)