Monday, August 17, 2009

Starting with a Mini-Bus

Our crew has come back from picking up the Mini-bus that was donated to Supplying Needs.

Supplying Needs has now started approaching grocery stores for their non-sellable products. We hope to give the donations to churches and other groups who are reaching out to the poor, hungry, and homeless in their community. We have contacted a few shelters and some churches about receiving perishable food product. Our orgazination hopes that through these groups a difference can be made in a community that has been hit hard by the economy.

To God Be the Glory,
Supplying Needs

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Donated Bus

Supplying Needs has received a donation of a mini-bus from a mission organization in Pennsylvania. We are very excited about this donation and what it will mean to our work efforts. We will be flying crew over to fix and drive the bus back to California. When it arrives in Stockton Supplying Needs will be able to start picking donated food up from grocery and retail stores. We will then give the donated food to groups and churches who are feeding and helping the homeless, the poor, and the hungry.

We look forward to what our God and Jesus will do through Supplying Needs.

Our New Bus

A wheel chair lift which will help us pick up heavy donations

Supplying Needs

Monday, April 13, 2009

Summary of Supplying Needs

Supplying Needs is a Christian non-profit organization that has the desire to enable organizations to outreach better to their community. We want to enable groups, organizations, churches, and shelters with food, clothing, office supplies, constructions supplies, furniture, toys, etc. We also want to be an encouragement to those that have a heart for the poor and the hungry in their community.

We look forward to working with anyone and everyone that want to step out and make a difference in their surrounding area.

Supplying Needs

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