Monday, February 15, 2010

Distributing Food

Since receiving the huge donation of food and supplies in mid-January from the grocery store that had the fire Supplying Needs has been able to give out half the food in a matter of 3 short weeks. The food has gone to 7 churches who reach out to their community and some have come back multiple times to pick up the donated items. Supplying Needs has also been able to directly give food to 9 families.

Here are some testimonies:

One church has been giving food out in a time of need to their congregation. The pastor was praying and planning to open up the food pantry to the public this March of 2010. He had been praying for God to open doors for them to start receiving food when he got our call. When we arrived the Pastor had said this was an answer to pray.

Another church had given almost all their food out in November and December and were strategizing how they could get more food for those in need when we called. They came by to the office building that was donated to us for one month and took as much as they could fit in their vehicles.

Another pastor had just moved to Stockton from San Fransisco looking for cheaper rent. He saw there was such a need here that he started helping his surrounding area. We were connected to this pastor through a man that does Celebrate Recovery at one of the churches we give to. The first week we gave food to him he had two or three families by the next week he had a list of ten families that were in need of food and clothing.

One church we give to helps 60 people per week and another church over 300 people.

God continues to blow us away with His timing and His strategic planning to connect us with churches who have a heart to help the poor, hungry and lost.

On a final note we just learned that Stockton is number 4 in the nation of hungry people.
There is such a need here in the City of Stockton.

Kind Regards,
Supplying Needs

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rab said...

Very encouraging. Nice work.