Monday, May 2, 2011

Living Word Christian Center


Awesome Church with awesome community events. They are not a big church when it comes to numbers but they do big things for their community. They are the type to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. They are willing and see the big picture. It truly is an honor to be connected to this group of people who love the Lord.

Supplying Needs was able to go to one of their community outreaches. They had a "Fun Fest" where there were free raffle prizes, hot dogs, nachos, cotton candy, games, stuff animal prizes, face painting, and groceries. All FREE!!! The community really showed up and enjoyed them selves.

It was awesome to see all what God is doing with this church.

Games for the Kids and Even Adults

Groceries for Everyone

Even the kids were getting groceries for their households.

Sweet Baby Girl.

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