Sunday, May 15, 2011

Victory in Praise's Adopt-A-Block (Annual Barbecue)

Adopt-A-Block is a ministry that is effective for the kingdom of God. It spreads God love to everyone that is adopted. Every Saturday Victory In Praise church goes and knocks on same 60 doors of two apartment complexes. They meet the people living in the apartment to build a relationship and to meet their needs. Victory in Praise has literally adopted these families that live in the apartments. If the people need a ride to see a family member in jail, or to the store Adopt-A-Block team steps up and takes them. If someone is in the hospital they try to make every effort to go see them. If someone needs clothes, food, furniture Victory in Praise prays and ask God to meet the need. And most of the needs are met.

We are thrilled to have partnered with Victory in Praise for such a ministry. Our crew goes out with the Adopt-A-Block team and fully participates with the ministry every Saturday.

Today we had our annual barbecue where Supplying Needs was able to supply most of the food and drinks that has come in through donations. Adopt-a-Block had over 200 hot dogs and 170 hamburgers to serve to the adopted families plus chips and drinks. The funny thing is more than the two apartments came out. There is one more apartment which is near by that the people came from and homeless people who live close by all came and received food. We didn't expect them to come but we had enough food for everyone. There were some that received not just seconds but 4ths and 5ths. And if they stayed around to the end they were able to take more food home with them.

It was a wonderful day that ran very smooth and had so much fun. Our prayer is that it built better relationships and broke down walls. We look forward to continuing in our partnership with Victory in Praise for Adopt-A-Block.

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