Monday, February 14, 2011

Blown Away

A story to share of how awesome God is:

I have been doing paperwork and follow-up calls asking food companies to donate their non-sellable products to our efforts to reaching the poor, hungry, and needy of Stockton. Today I was on the phone with Coca-Cola. They politely told me that all non-sellable products are given to their employees which impressed me because a lot of food companies will throw away the non-sellables instead of giving it away. I thanked the contact for their time and as soon as I hung up the phone with them I received another call from a church group we give to. The Pastor thanked me for the donation they had just received the week before and then informed me they receive from Pepsi and usually could not handle the full donation. The pastor asked me if we would pick up for them and they would share with us. I was delighted and agreed. The pastor then continued to inform me that the donation can be any where from 6 pallets to 27 pallets of product and how much could we handle.

I am completely blown away by God and His provision and love.

Supplying Needs

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