Monday, August 16, 2010

Warehouse, Food, and Other Groups

We are constantly focused on getting more food for the groups that we have connected with over the past year. There is such a need here in the City of Stockton it is heart breaking to think and see for ourselves the people that go hungry here every day.

It is amazing to think that Stockton is 4th in the nation for hungry people. We are teamed up with a church that has adopted an apartment complex. Two of our people go every week with Victory in Praise church to reach out to the people at this apartment. The needs are great but the greatest one that has been visible is love. Just a consistent face for these people mean a lot. Over the last few months they have started opening up to us more and more. It is amazing what kind words, consistency, love, and a few needs met can really do.

This week we just added another group that we have a heart to help. It is a husband and wife that give out sack lunches once a week. They said they were led by God to start this and are using money from their own pocket to help the homeless. We were able to give them hot dogs, buns, and yogurt to help with their efforts.

Wow, we are blown away that we are able to help and participate with 15 other groups here in the Stockton area. These groups are doing all they can to help reach their local neighborhoods. Every day Supplying Needs is contacting food wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and caterers to see if they would be willing to help us with our efforts in reaching out. It is funny because we are not asking for their best food but food they can no longer sell. Items that the packaging is damaged, or it is close to the expiration date, or the quality is not fit to sell to consumers. Food that is still very good but can not be sold.

We are also constantly on the look out for a warehouse. A place where we can gather and distribute food. Not only food but once we get a warehouse or warehouse space we can start asking companies for furniture, building supplies, office supplies and other things that can be used to meet a need. We do take furniture and clothes but not in big quantities just in case we can't give it out in time to pick up another donated load because we have no where to store it.

We are very blessed to be here and are excited what God is doing! We look forward to the future and all the plans that God has for Supplying Needs.

God Bless,
Supplying Needs

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rab said...

We're very proud of you guys. Luv ya.