Friday, May 7, 2010

Wholesalers and more.

Supplying Needs has been busy in the past few weeks. We have received yes's from wholesalers who are willing to give on a regular basis. We are excited what this will do for our community since Stockton is 4th in the nation for hungry people.

Just yesterday we received 3,000 packages of ham hocks. We were able to pass them out to people we knew who are in need of food as well as 4 churches who give to the poor on a weekly or monthly basis. While we were loading up one church with ham hocks they mentioned that a soda company gives to them. But when the church picks up from the company they want to give the church more than they can handle. The pastor asked if we would start picking up for them that way they can get what they want for the church and we can have the rest to distribute to individuals and other groups.

A week ago we picked up from another wholesaler that wants to give to us once a month. This wholesaler is connected with a grocery chain. The the grocery store gives their damaged goods to this wholesaler and the wholesaler sells it to dollar stores and other places at a low cost. They are willing to give us about 6 pallets a month of their assorted food, drinks, pet food, and non-edible items. Supplying Needs was very excited when we got a call saying they had their first load for us to come pick up. We received everything you can think of: bottled water, rice, canned goods, soup, granola bars, candy bars, peanut butter, toilet paper, dish soap, pet food, cleaning supplies, and much much more.

We are excited what God is doing through Supplying Needs and we look forward to what He has in store for us next.

Supplying Needs

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rab said...

Exciting, indeed! Nice work!