Wednesday, October 2, 2013


September was quite the exciting month.

Not only have we received over $950,000 dollars worth of donations (food, clothes, furniture) but we had some awesome things happen with our outreach to the community.

Supplying Needs partners with H.e.l.p. Ministries every Friday and Wednesday to reach the community.  For the Grocery Give Away on Fridays we had an all time high of 348 families served on one Friday.  That is the most families we have served on a single Friday. 

One Friday we were able to give clothes along with the groceries. People love and are always asking when we are giving clothes away. 
And Last Friday we did hair cuts for anyone that wanted them for the first time.  People were lining up wanting hair cuts after they received their groceries. 

Also in September H.e.l.p. Ministries started going to the streets every Friday night between 10pm-1am.  We have given them supplies to put in their goodie bags, things like make-up, hygiene  products, and snacks.  This last Friday people were more receptive conversation and receiving hope and love. 

September was just amazing and we look forward to what God has in store for the rest of 2013. 
Supplying Needs Crew

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