Tuesday, November 8, 2011

God is Amazing!

God has been over flowing Supplying Needs with donations that are much needed in the city of Stockton. We have received couches, a chair, clothes, household items, food, pet food, and bottled water.

God has allowed us to be in peoples lives and in organizations lives who are making a difference in Stockton and it seems lately there is a need all the places we have been helping over the last few years.

In Adopt-a-Block the need has been piling up. We have people coming to us weekly asking for beds, coffee tables, couches, dishes and food. And now we have a handful of families that are asking for Thanksgiving dinners.

One of the directors of a food outreach called and said a family just lost everything in a fire and they had no insurance to cover the damage.

We are getting information telling us that organizations pantries are empty and in need.

And there is an event where the Stockton Parole Women’s Support Group will be giving female Parolees an opportunity to “Dress for Success.” These women have worked hard toward change, and we are affording them the tools to continue their success in the business world and in life. For this event on November 16th they provide clothing and training to be able to have a successful job interview.

There is such a need in our community. If you would like to help with any of these situations we just mentioned please call us at (209) 401 5053. We are still in need of beds, Thanksgiving Dinners, items for the Dress for Success Event and other furniture.

If you would like to keep up with us on more updates and even recent photos please check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SupplyingNeeds. Even if you do not have a facebook account you can still see all of our updates and photos.

God Bless,
Supplying Needs Crew

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