Friday, September 23, 2011

It has been pretty amazing year so far. From January through mid-September Supplying Needs has received over 230,000 dollars worth of donations. Which has been distributed free of charge to individuals in need as well as 23 other groups who are working to make a difference in the city of Stockton. That is an amazing number compared to last year. For 2010 we received 200,000 dollars worth of donations.

We have also participated in a lot more community outreach events this year than we have in the past two years:

Free Clothing Give-Away on SOS day (Serve our Stockton Day)

Free Barbeque for Adopt-A-Block

Free Concert with Free food on June 5th

Free Toy Give-Away

As well as providing items for other groups events:
Helping Hands Block Party

Living Word Christian Center Free Carnival
Ambassadors for Christ Spirit Festival

It has been an amazing year and it is not over yet!!!

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